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Situated in San Fransisco, Greenforce offers services in San Francisco County, Oakland, Berkeley, San Mateo, San Jose, Marin and adjacent localities. The inception of Greenforce was triggered by the founder’s keen concern for trustworthy cleaning services utilizing green cleaning materials.

The worker-owners at Greenforce are skilled cleaning experts. Hence, we continually come up with secure and efficient cleaning products through constant research. We are insured, licensed and bonded. We have been serving the Bay Area with cleaning solutions since 1993.

Among our satisfied clientele we have Marriot Hotels, Polo Ralph Lauren and Starbucks as well as esteemed individuals like former Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Our constant endeavor is to ensure a clean and fresh environment applying techniques that are secure for our clients, our surroundings and us.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry liability, Workers’ Compensation, and professional liability policies, and our crews are also bonded.

How often should I clean my windows?

We highly recommend that you clean your windows a minimum of once a year to prevent glass degradation and to maintain your windows’ luster.

What is Glass Degradation?

Over time, glass may become infused with contaminates such as oxidization, hard minerals, acid rain and overspray (paint, caulking, etc.).

Since glass is porous, these pollutants settle into the surfaces’ grooves and valleys. In order to prevent permanent damage, one needs to clean the glass regularly.

Can you remove paint/varnish from my windows?

Yes we can! We have a process by which we can safely remove material, such as paint, varnish, caulk, concrete, stucco, stickers, and sheet rock from windows. This does take longer and is not included in the normal estimate; This would be considered a post-construction cleaning.

How long does it take?

Depending on services ordered, appointments may last anywhere from 1 hour to all day, or longer. When making your appointment, you can ask for an approximation of the appointment length.

How much will it cost?

This is determined on a case by case basis. Cost is generally calculated by services rendered and length of time. We offer a free, no obligation, estimate before each job. Fill out the Free Estimate form or call or e-mail us for more information.

Can I make an appointment on-line or via e-mail?

For the most up to date appointment availability, you should make all appointments over the phone. However, feel free to contact us through e-mail, as well. Check the Contacts link for more information.

Do you have weekend appointments available?

We do not regularly schedule window cleaning appointments on weekends. However, if there are very special circumstances, we occasionally schedule jobs on Saturdays. Give us a call so that we can discuss your individual situation.

IIs it possible for you to clean windows that appear foggy?

If the fog lies in between two separate window panes, then we would not be able to clean it; the seal may be broken. Contact your window manufacturer and check if your windows still have a valid warranty.

Is it necessary for me to be at home during the window cleaning?

If you wish to be home during the window cleaning, we’re happy to schedule an appointment which suits your schedule. However, it is not always necessary for you to be home for the entire appointment. We can start on the interior window cleaning and you can lock up your home and leave while we continue on the exterior, as long as your screens pop out. In cases of vacancies, your presence is optional but not necessary, as long as access is provided.

Do you supply your own equipment?

Yes, we provide our own supplies and equipment.

What happens if it is raining the day we have our job scheduled?

Our window cleaners do not clean windows in the rain due to safety concerns. If it is raining the morning of your appointment, we will notify you to let you know that the job has been cancelled that day, and we can reschedule your appointment to another available day and time. Please allow our professionals, with 13 years experience in the industry – to make the determination about cancellation.

Will you call me to remind me that I need my windows cleaned?

If you would like to be put on a regular schedule for service or a reminder schedule list, please call or e-mail the office. We normally call annually to schedule the minimum maintenance cleaning.

Do you make a lot of noise?

Certain services, such as pressure washing, may make a lot of noise while other services, such as window cleaning, make very little noise. If you are trying to make the appointment around a nap schedule or other noise sensitive times, please let us know. We may be able to complete that portion of the project before or after the nap time starts.

Glass is actually a type of stone — a porous substance that requires substantial maintenance to keep its sparkle and its protective qualities.

Glass that is not regularly cleaned can often become stained. Staining left untreated can turn to corrosion (mineralization) and may require costly restoration or in many cases complete glass replacement.

Most experts recommend at least annual maintenance cleaning.

Since 1993 our teams have been offering window cleaning and pressure washing services to the SF Bay Area.

Glass is in fact a kind of stone — a permeable substance which calls for considerable maintenance to preserve its shine and protective features.

In absence of regular cleaning glass frequently becomes stained. Stains when left unattended may lead to corrosion (mineralization), ultimately necessitating expensive reinstatement and often total replacement.

Most professionals recommend maintenance cleaning minimum once in a year.

We have been providing pressure washing and window cleaning solutions to the SF Bay Area since 1993.

Our staff is screened and trained with many years experience in the Bay Area; References available upon request.

In order to clean glass, our experienced window cleaners utilize only squeegees and specific tools. So, you can completely be free from streaky appearances caused by spray chemicals and paper towels.

For glass cleaning, we solely use Eco-friendly soap which protects our environment as well as protecting your exterior plants, flowers, trees and landscaping. Greenforce purchases carbon credits to offset our fleet gas usage.

In case your windows need added attention like paint removal or post manufacture polishing, kindly bring the same to the notice of our estimators.

As our service demand is high, we would suggest you to schedule a couple of weeks in advance.

We provide Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing services to te SF Bay area including:

San Francisco, South San Francisco, Daly City, Burlingame, San Mateo, San Jose, Alameda, Oakland and Marin.

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