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Glass is actually a type of stone — a porous substance that requires substantial maintenance to keep its sparkle and its protective qualities.

Glass that is not regularly cleaned can often become stained. Staining left untreated can turn to corrosion (mineralization) and may require costly restoration or in many cases complete glass replacement.

Most experts recommend at least annual maintenance cleaning.

Since 1993 our teams have been offering window cleaning and pressure washing services tothe SF Bay Area .

Our staff is screened and trained with many years experience in the Bay Area. References available upon request.

Professional window cleaners use only squeegees and specialized tools to clean glass. You can be assured that the streaky look left by paper towels and spray chemicals will be a thing of the past.

We use only environmentally safe soap to clean glass which protects our environment as well as protecting your exterior plants, flowers, trees and landscaping. Greenforce purchases carbon credits to offset our fleet gas usage.

If your windows require extra attention such as post construction polishing or paint removal please bring it to the attention of our estimators.

Since our teams are in demand it’s wise to schedule at least two weeks in advance.

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We have scheduling options to fit everyone’s window cleaning needs including Saturdays and Sundays. We schedule on a monthly bi-monthly semi annual and annual. Giving you the options and flexibility that will work best for you.

Staff Screening Process

To help maintain our high quality standards and your security, Greenforce screens our applicants and hires only the best candidates. We conduct background checks and verify that each candidate has the necessary documentation to work legally in this country.

Premier Training and Equipment

Every employee is thoroughly trained through both classroom and practical sessions, supplemented by a mentoring process. At all times, in each and every home, your service team aims to provide excellent cleaning quality and to perform your requests above your expectations.

Excellent Processes and Standards

Greenforce listens – and we follow through. Your service team is supported with efficient, organized, written communications from your local office to keep them informed of your needs and special requests or other feedback. When you call us with a comment or request, we log it in your file. Your team reviews these notes and instructions prior to each cleaning, to make sure that we respond to and act upon your feedback. We are serious about follow-through! We offer significant bonus and reward programs to all team members to maintain the highest quality service, as judged by you and our other clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have my windows professionally cleaned?

The overall cost is generally calculated by considering certain factors, such as the services rendered, the total number of windows your home has, and the length of time. So, if you are planning to hire our residential window washing services, we would request that you state your requirements. You can do so by filling out our ‘Online Estimate’ form, calling, or emailing us. Depending on your preferences and needs, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

What can I expect during the window cleaning process?

When it comes to window cleaning, we begin by assessing the condition of the windows, noting any specific challenges, such as damaged glass, grime buildup, or hard water stains. Then, we remove loose dirt and debris with a wet mop. Once the windows are wet cleaned, we use a squeegee and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to wash the windows’ interior and exterior. For the edges and corners of the windows, we use a smaller squeegee or specialized tools to ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned. And in case there’s any remaining water or moisture on the windows, our team will wipe them off too, helping you achieve a clear, polished finish. And do you know the best thing? Our team will also help you identify any potential issues with your windows and recommend repairs or replacements as necessary.

Do you clean the window ledges?

Yes, we do. From the glasses and frames to the window ledges, our team cleans all the edges and corners of the windows. And for that, we only use specialized equipment and products to ensure a secure and efficient cleaning process.

Do you conduct background checks before hiring window cleaners?

Yes, we do. As a reputable and trustworthy residential window cleaning company, we always conduct a thorough staff screening process to hire the best cleaners. Added to that, we also run background checks and verify that each of our cleaners has the required documentation to work legally in this country. So, if you are looking for a company that offers the best “residential window cleaning services near me”, then look no further than Greenforce Windowpro. With us, you can rest assured that your windows will receive the care and attention they need.

What scheduling options do you offer?

Whether your windows need regular cleaning or occasional cleaning, we offer flexible scheduling options to fit everyone’s needs. All you need to do is state your requirements and we will establish a schedule that works best for you. We offer window cleaning services on a monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis, including Saturdays and Sundays.